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At the Disabilities Board of Charleston County we provide support and services to over 1500 people who have developmental disabilities such as mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy, global developmental delays, cognitive delays, head and spinal cord injuries. Most of our funding comes from state and federal funds. The use of these funds is very specific and often only supports the needs that arise from a person’s disability.


However, people who have disabilities are more than just their disability. They live, love, have dreams and want to be a part of a community. Often money is needed to assist with very basic things that we all take for granted. So, the Family Support staff begs for money and donations from friends, family, churches, & businesses in order to make “magic?happen.


The “magic?is food for a holiday meal, a warm winter coat, school supplies, blankets, developmental toys, books, household supplies for a new home, holiday gifts that won’t come unless we bring them, dentures in order to chew food and boost self-esteem, horseback riding therapy to connect with a child who has autism, uniforms for a new job so that a person can get off of public assistance, transportation fees for a visit to a park or to go to work, etc.


All of the proceeds from the sale of this cook book will be used to make “magic?for the consumers of the Family Support Services Department.


There are over 275 recipes all from wonderful cooks who care. Most have been taste tested at various Family Support gatherings. Many are coveted and have brought fame to the cook. So, please enjoy preparing these recipes for your family and friends and know that you have helped to make a little “magic?for someone who really needs it.

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